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digitising documents on-site

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Papers are digitised on portable volume scanners, so that your confidential documents remain in your care. Transparency of operation means you can see the process.


Documents are scanned to .pdf which are easily viewed in Acrobat, or to other format if the files are to be integrated with a document management system.


Papers are processed in original order, compressed and saved, following the

filenames established by you.


The whole archive is checked and saved to USB or write-only CD or DVD, ready

to be transferred to HDD or network.

On-site scanning


The digitising process is eminently suitable to preserve

  • signed contracts

  • leases and deeds

  • trusts and wills

  • IFA advice

  • logistics records

  • legacy bank statements and accounts

  • personnel files

  • any papers that you wish to safeguard

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