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digitising documents on-site

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TextArchive scans paper-based files, active and legacy, onto media or the Cloud


Files are scanned on-site – not taken somewhere else for processing.  Unique, commercially critical or confidential papers remain secure within the office.

Digitising papers can be applied to all kinds of records -  enterprises and individuals, who have historic, irreplaceable papers in storage or the attic.

Why Scan

Digitisation of your files and records makes the documents so easy to locate - on the server, the Cloud or HDD.

Costs of storage are slashed as your files no longer occupy expensive floor space.

Electronic archiving enables compliance with HMRC and accounting regulations to retain records for prescribed periods. Employee records, pension data and medical files can be archived indefinitely in a legible format.

Copies of the archive can be distributed to partners, trustees or to other company sites

TextArchive, established in 2001, has worked with documents in a variety of contexts in London and the South East, including small industrial enterprises, property management, music publishers, partnerships in dissolution, public service entities, IFAs and family trusts.

Make your archive a living resource